Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Riverdale, New Jersey

When it comes to the enjoyment of your home or commercial facility, good air quality is crucial. To improve the quality of your indoor air, you can rely on Efficient Air Service for effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our qualified specialists will identify and target your specific problem and utilize groundbreaking products to combat issues caused by fumes, bacteria, allergens, humidity, and even more.

For clean, healthy air throughout your Passaic, Bergen, Essex, and Morris County-based home, look no further than Efficient Air Service.

Trusted, Reliable Indoor Air Quality Services

Our ENERGY STAR, EPA, and NATE-certified technicians complete a thorough analysis of your home or commercial space, outline a detailed plan, and provide cost-effective solutions. With our extensive hands-on experience and state-of-the-art products, we help ensure a healthier home, less energy waste, and a more comfortable environment. Keeping your air quality in check also protects home furnishings and HVAC equipment. Our team is proud to offer a wide selection of innovative and reliable options, including air purifiers, energy recovery ventilators (ERV), and humidifiers.


Carrier Performance steam, fan-powered, or bypass humidifiers are a great investment. The initial cost quickly pays for itself, as regulating moisture levels allows for lower thermostat settings. You’ll stay comfortable without cranking the heat. Ideal humidity levels also lead to better health, hair, and skin, and improve the overall enjoyment of your space.

Air Purifiers

We offer the best air purification systems available today from the world’s top brands. Carrier’s newest whole-home air purifiers are equipped with cutting-edge Air Knight technology, which seeks out and eliminates airborne bacteria in your home with unprecedented efficiency. We explain more about these systems at the bottom of the page. 

Additionally, we offer Carrier Infinity air purifiers, which feature a MERV 15 filter with patented Captures and Kills technology. These systems clean indoor air as much as eight times an hour and trap up to 95% of particles up to 18,000 times smaller than a pinhead. You’ll also eliminate up to 99% of captured germs, pollen, and mold spores. 

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Remove stale air with a Carrier Performance & Comfort series ventilator. The ERV system supplies fresh, pre-conditioned air, which helps to reduce the workload of your HVAC system, manages humidity, and reduces the number of indoor air pollutants. You can enjoy maximum comfort in your home without the adverse effects of keeping windows open.

For all your indoor air quality needs, the team from Efficient Air Service has you covered!

The Latest in Cutting-Edge IAQ Technology: Air Knight Air Purification System

In light of the recent global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, home, and business owners are more concerned about their indoor air quality than ever before. Fortunately, advances in air purification technology allow us to provide highly-effective indoor air quality solutions to help rid living spaces and workplaces of potentially harmful airborne pathogens. Air Knight is a great example of this technology.

At Efficient Air Service, we can install a variety of different Air Knight air purification products, including:

Air Knight IPG with PX5 Active Air Purifier for Proactive Whole Home Air Purification

This is truly air purification at its best. The Air Knight IPG with PX5 uses dual technologies to actively seek out and eradicate mold spores, bacteria, viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and odors, in addition to the usual household dust and allergens. 

TopTech 24V Germicidal UV Coil Treatment for Air Conditioner Coil Maintenance

Your indoor air quality can be greatly impacted by the condition of your indoor AC coils. Using germicidal ultraviolet light, this system kills mold on the coils and in the condensate drain pan, while helping to eliminate the bacteria and fungi growth that can cause “dirty sock syndrome” and other foul odors.

If you have any questions about Air Knight technology or any of these air purification products, give our team a call, and we’ll help you decide which indoor air quality might be right for you.