What is an Air Purifier?

If you’ve ever spoken with an indoor air quality specialist, you’ve probably heard the recommendation that you should invest in an air purifier. However, you may not clearly understand what exactly an air purifier does or how it operates differently from a traditional HVAC system.

Tempting as it may be to avoid investing in a piece of equipment besides your air conditioning unit, you could be doing yourself a disservice by forgoing an air purifier. Depending on your specific situation, adding an air purifier to your home will come with a significant boost to your overall wellbeing.

Here’s a quick primer on what an air purifier is and how it can help you:

How it Works

Air purifiers perform a relatively simple task on the surface: they suck air into their unit, pass it through a filtering system, and then pump it back into the room.

Taken at face value, this process may seem too simple to actually help, but the filtration system is really where the benefit occurs. At a minimum, an air purifier can use a mesh filter to clean the air of significant debris like pet hair, but many systems use multiple kinds of filters within the same unit to increase their effectiveness. 

How to Choose an Air Purifier

There are two primary things to consider when selecting an air purifier: the kind of filter you’re looking for and the space you have to devote to a purifier.

The kind of filter you’re looking for is primarily determined by the type of air pollution you’re trying to get rid of. Some filters (like the mesh filter) are focused on collecting significant debris, while others have specialized formulas that will cause smaller particles to either attach themselves to the filter or fall to the floor rather than circulate through the room. 

In contrast to selecting a filter, the size issue is straightforward: you can get as large an air purifier as you’d like, but it’s restricted by where you want to put it and how much space you have available in your room for the purifier.

Other Considerations

Another thing you want to consider is how the room where the air purifier is located is used. If you’re installing an air purifier where you sleep, for example, you may want to consider a unit designed to run quietly, so it minimizes the disruption.

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