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Mini-split AC systems eliminate the need for ductwork in your air conditioning system, making them more efficient while taking up less space. This is not only good news for your monthly cooling bill, but also for your home’s aesthetic. Our experts at Efficient Air Service specialize in mini-split AC upgrades, and we can transform your central air into a customized system.

After all, mini-split air conditioning systems allow you to set preferences for varied temperature control throughout your home. This tailored system allows you to specify temperatures for rooms that tend to be drafty or muggy, or for family members who require a specific setting. All of our air conditioning services are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Are you searching for a reliable mini-split installation for your air conditioning system? Efficient Air Service is your local AC professional near Riverdale, NJ. Don’t hesitate to call our team of experts! Book your AC service appointment today, we’d love to hear from you.

Mini-Split AC Services

Mini-split AC services are particularly useful when it comes to extended areas of your home that may have different temperature requirements. Some of the rooms they are quite useful in may include an attached garage, nursery, atrium, home gym, or laundry room. 

Our mini-split air conditioning services cover everything from your initial consultation to installation, replacement, repair, regular maintenance, and annual tune-up services. 

At Efficient Air Service, we value our customers and will always provide you with honest pricing and recommendations. We will never suggest a part or service that isn’t essential to the safety or functionality of your air conditioning system. We believe that helping homeowners learn more about their AC system helps them make informed decisions they can be proud of.

Mini-Split Unit Consultation

The first step in your mini-split AC installation is inspecting and analyzing your existing system. During this appointment, our technicians will run diagnostic tests, take measurements, and discuss AC model options. This is a good time for homeowners to speak up about what they expect from their air conditioning system and to bring up any of their concerns.

We can explain how different products vary in price and effectiveness. In addition, we can estimate a potential timeline and price range for your expected services. Some installations will take longer because they have to integrate into your current system. Our goal is to install your mini-split AC system effectively while being the least invasive to your daily routine possible. 

New Air Conditioning System Installation

New mini-split AC installation services are typically the most straightforward because there isn’t a pre-existing duct system to work around or attempt to integrate into. Homes without ductwork don’t have to waste money on expensive upgrades to handle their airflow. Instead, mini-split AC systems send air to multiple head units that are set up throughout your home.

Thankfully, homeowners will get to enjoy the benefits of a mini-split AC system quicker than they would experience from a traditional HVAC installation. In addition to avoiding ductwork troubles, mini-split AC systems don’t have complex hook-ups between their indoor and outdoor parts. With everything being easily compatible, the process is more streamlined.

Mini-Split AC Replacement

Mini-split AC replacement services are where the process can get more complex. Removing your current ductwork system and HVAC unit can be time-consuming and tack on time to your project schedule. Some systems try to simplify the process by allowing your ductless system to integrate into your existing system, allowing you to keep some of your current parts.

Mini-split replacement services can be based on need or convenience. While your old HVAC system may have broken down after 25 years, other replacement services are conducted because homeowners are seeking efficient air conditioning upgrades. No matter the reason, we will get the job done safely, so you can start enjoying your new system’s cooling benefits.

Mini-Split AC Repairs

You may need mini-split AC repairs if you are experiencing some common air conditioning woes. These issues include hearing strange sounds or experiencing foul smells coming from your mini-split system, your units are leaking water or refrigerant, your system stops blowing cold air evenly throughout your home, or your monthly bills unexpectedly skyrocket.

If you experience any of these signs, it’s important to call the experts. After all, neglecting to complete mini-split AC repairs in a timely fashion can lead you to major issues in the future. In order to avoid early replacements or expensive repairs, it’s critical to fix things right away.

Scheduled Mini-Split AC Maintenance

The best way to avoid early replacements is by scheduling regular maintenance for your mini-split AC system. In fact, upkeep on maintenance can extend your air conditioning system’s lifespan by 30 percent. Regular maintenance may involve filter changes or basic part repairs. It’s important to regularly change your filters, so your system doesn’t circulate dirty air.

We offer a multi-tiered maintenance plan to help you schedule your maintenance services. Instead of struggling to remember when the last time you changed your filter was, we can keep detailed records of your maintenance plan and needs. Let our experts take the stress off your shoulders to protect your investment, so you can focus on enjoying your cool home.

Annual Mini-Split AC Tune-Up

Differing slightly from regular maintenance, an annual mini-split AC tune-up assesses your air conditioning system’s performance over the last year. This becomes especially crucial after your AC system becomes a decade old. Closely monitoring any changes in your system’s efficiency will help our technicians recommend repair or replacement services when they’re needed.

During a mini-split AC tune-up, our technicians will also clean any dirty parts and inspect your system’s impact on indoor air quality. Annual AC tune-ups are best when scheduled prior to summer, so your system is fully prepared for New Jersey’s hot, humid weather.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to mini-split AC systems, we also offer traditional HVAC repairs, replacements, and restorative maintenance work. No matter what your heating and cooling needs are, our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Our workstations are kept tidy, so we avoid leaving hazardous materials in your home or interfering with your routine.

Along with HVAC work, we also offer plumbing services as part of a whole-home renovation package. Our multi-skilled employees can get your central air up and running and repair the clog in your sink. In addition to drain cleaning, we offer water heater services, toilet and fixture installations, re-piping services, and general repairs or installations.

Efficient Air Service is Your Local AC Professional in Riverdale, NJ

Your air conditioning system is a vital element in your home. Central air is a game changer when the summer weather is hot and humid in New Jersey. Our ductless mini-split installation services provide efficiency alongside the convenience of on-demand cooling. In business since 2005, Efficient Air Service is your local AC professional who knows your air conditioning system inside and out. Whether it’s a mini-split installation or a plumbing problem, we have the solution.

Are you searching for a mini-split installation or replacement for your residential air conditioning system? Efficient Air Service is your local AC professional in Riverdale, NJ. Give us a call today to book your consultation or service, we look forward to hearing from you.