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Switching out window units for a central AC system gives you the convenience of on-demand cooling throughout your home. But did you know there is still an additional step you can take to get the most efficient central AC system? Ductless AC systems specifically tailor your home cooling needs. The experts at Efficient Air Service can help you achieve an optimal ductless cooling system in your home.

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What Are Ductless AC Systems?

Ductless AC systems are an alternative to traditional HVAC systems that circulate your indoor air through corresponding ductwork. Ductless AC systems are also commonly referred to as mini-split AC systems. These independent systems allow you to control rooms separately, making your entire central cooling system run more efficiently and saving you money.

In addition to cooling your home, ductless mini-splits can also heat your home, making it a valuable HVAC tool. Ductless AC systems are especially useful in extended rooms of your home, like your attached garage, laundry room, or indoor atrium.

Ductless AC Services

Our ductless AC services include an in-home consultation, new ductless AC installation, refrigerant line installation, ductless AC replacement, ductless air conditioning repair, regular ductless AC maintenance, and annual ductless AC tune-up services.

Ductless AC In-Home Consultation

Our ductless AC in-home consultation services help to determine which repairs are necessary for your current system. During our initial inspection, we run diagnostics and provide our expert recommendations to help you learn how your system can run more efficiently. This appointment also allows us to construct possible timelines and costs for your repair services.

In addition, our ductless AC in-home consultation services help with our installation or replacement services. We can explain which size ductless AC system will best fit your home’s space needs. During this appointment, we will also determine what needs to be done to transfer your system from your old unit to an updated one. 

New Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Our new ductless air conditioning installation services near Riverdale deal with homes that don’t currently have a central AC system. Unlike a traditional HVAC system, ductless air conditioning installation doesn’t rely on a ductwork system to circulate cool air through your home. A ductless system can be a mini-split or heat pump system.

The time associated with installation will depend on how many units you want to install in rooms throughout your home. We can help you determine your ductless AC space and size needs. Our skilled installers can also recommend ways you can better maintain your investment.

Refrigerant Line Installation

The main component of a ductless AC installation is running refrigerant lines. These lines can be run visibly or behind your walls. While running refrigerant lines inside your walls makes it harder to access when it requires repairs, it also adds protection because it can’t be touched easily. Running refrigerant lines behind your walls also helps to keep your home’s aesthetic.

Ductless AC Replacement

Not all systems require you to remove your existing ductwork for a ductless AC replacement. Before you decide on a replacement model, we can help you weigh your options and determine how invasive the installation will be. During a ductless AC replacement, our technicians will ensure safety and a clean space on our job site, so hazards stay out of your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair

Our ductless air conditioning repair services address indoor and outdoor components of your system. These service options can fix existing wear or damage on your unit, and manage parts that were installed incorrectly in the past. During a repair appointment, we can make sure your refrigerant lines are properly insulated, and your ductless components are functioning well.

Common signs you need ductless air conditioning repair include your system failing to blow cool air, water or refrigerant pooling around your unit, or your ductless AC system making strange sounds and emitting foul smells. If you notice any of these issues, you should call our professionals immediately to eliminate electrical and refrigerant chemical hazards in your home.

Regular Ductless AC Maintenance

Regular ductless AC maintenance involves staying up to date with your filter changes. In a ductless AC unit, filters typically fill with dirt and grime about every four to eight weeks. It’s important to complete this maintenance in a timely manner, so you ensure your system is delivering clean air to your home. We also recommend additional early filter changes if you have pets in your home, smokers, or family members with allergies or respiratory issues.

Ductless AC Tune-Up

While regular maintenance helps to increase your system’s lifespan, an annual ductless AC tune-up can help increase its efficiency and lower your monthly bill. During this appointment, we will help you understand where your system has been working well and where it has been lacking over the course of the year. Annual tune-ups also help fix small issues before these fixable repairs become major, costly replacements.

Additional AC Services

In addition to ductless AC systems, we also offer other AC services. These include repair, installation, replacement, maintenance, and tune-up needs for traditional HVAC systems. If you are choosing a traditional HVAC system, we can also help you with installing ducts or upgrading the existing ductwork in your home. Along with HVAC, we offer plumbing services as well.

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