Spring is Coming! Is Your HVAC System Ready?


We’re all anxiously waiting for spring to make its way to the Northeast. Even though it’s been a relatively mild winter, residents of New Jersey still look forward to the longer days, warmer temperatures, budding trees, blooming flowers, and big-league baseball games that come with the new season. 

For the team here at Efficient Air, spring means it’s time to provide air conditioning maintenance service for homeowners in Morris County, Passaic County, Bergen County and the surrounding region. We’re ready to help families in our area prepare their homes for the warm-weather months by performing seasonal AC tune-ups and repairs — and providing our professional advice. 

Here are a few tips for how to get optimal performance out of your cooling system, keep your energy bills low, and your air quality high throughout the spring and summer.  

Clear Area Around Outside AC Unit

Winter isn’t the most popular time for yard work, so there’s a good chance you’ve got some tidying up to do around your property. Be sure to check the area around your outdoor AC unit. Clear away any fallen tree branches, old leaves, dirt, mud, and overgrown vegetation so that the unit is clean and has at least a two-foot clearance all the way around it. This will enable easy access for an AC technician and prevent any debris from hindering the unit’s performance. 

Change Air Filters

While it’s such a simple component of your cooling system, the filter on your air conditioner can throw everything out of whack if it’s not regularly replaced. The filter’s job is to catch all the dust and debris floating through the air before it can get inside your air conditioner and affect performance and efficiency. It can’t do that job when it gets dirty.

Test Your Thermostat

Before you need to rely on your air conditioner every hour of every day to keep you comfortable, make sure it’s up to the task. Give it a test run by switching your thermostat over to cooling and turning it down below room temperature. Let it run for at least 10 minutes and observe air flow through your vents to see if the cooling system is responding to the thermostat the way it should. While you’re at it, listen for any strange sounds and sniff for any strange odors that might indicate a problem in the system.

Call The Professionals

Even if your cooling system seems to be running just fine, if you haven’t had it inspected since last year — or longer — you need to give us a call and schedule an appointment for seasonal HVAC maintenance. Our experts will be able to spot minor issues that the average homeowner might ignore and repair those issues before they cause big trouble. If your AC is getting up there in years, we can help you decide whether to repair it or invest in a more energy-efficient replacement. We can also recommend ways to improve air quality in your home during spring allergy season, including air purifiers, humidifiers, and energy recovery ventilator systems.

Warm weather will be here before you know it! For more information about our air conditioner maintenance and air quality services in Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County and the surrounding communities, or to schedule your appointment for an AC tune-up, contact the team at Efficient Air today!