Signs it Might be Time for a New Heating System

By now, most northern New Jersey home and business owners have had their heating systems running for a while. In fact, residents of Riverdale and the rest of Morris County probably received their first winter energy bills recently. 

How did your first bill look? Was it higher or lower than what you expected?

One “red flag” indicating that you should have your system checked by an Efficient Air technician is a higher than normal heating bill. Older heating systems struggling to operate efficiently due to worn-out parts, lack of inspections, or improperly sealed air ducts consume up to five times more electricity than newer, well-maintained heating systems. Before you overpay every month on your heating bill this winter, make an appointment for heating repair service in Riverdale today.

Below are four signs your system needs the attention of our technicians.

1. Something’s Always Going Wrong

How many times has your heating system been repaired in the past couple of years? Twice? Three times? More than three times? If your system is over 15 years old and you wake up to a cold home and a broken unit at least once every winter, it’s time to consider getting a new unit. What you’ve spent on heating system repairs recently could have been a big down payment on a new unit

2. It’s Always Too Hot or Too Cold

An optimally functioning heating system will respond to thermostat settings consistently and evenly. Of course, if you set the thermostat to 68 degrees when it’s only a frigid 10 degrees outside, your home will naturally feel a little chilly. But a 70 degree setting on a 40-degree day should keep your home comfortably warm. Constantly fidgeting with your heating system’s thermostat because rooms are too hot or too cold could indicate a faulty thermostat or more serious problems with the system itself.

3. Your Heating System Sounds Like a New Year’s Eve Noisemaker

Electrical and gas furnaces should not make any noises while running except for a low humming or whirring sound when the blower turns on. Newer furnaces that pop, rattle, bang, or whine loudly should be inspected as soon as possible. Older heating systems may start making loud, questionable noises when they are ready to fail. 

4. Household Members Start Complaining of Nausea, Dizziness, and Headaches

Carbon monoxide poisoning within the home is often caused by combustion fumes arising from faulty furnaces. When family members experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning simultaneously, call us immediately and leave the home until the leak is detected and repaired.

In addition to your heating system, now is the best time to remedy an iffy air conditioner. If your unit is more than a decade old, needed constant repairs in the summer, or was an energy vampire, then it might also be time to invest in a new AC!

In all, don’t wait until temperatures drop into the teens and three feet of snow is blanketing the ground before contacting our team for repair or the replacement of an unreliable heating system! Whenever you need a dependable heating repair company in Morris County or a surrounding area, count on us for prompt and courteous assistance!