Why Your Heating System Needs Maintenance

With winter inching closer, you’re probably getting ready to winterize your vehicle, driveway, and yard, but what have you done about your heating system? Just as other pieces of equipment you use throughout the year, your heater also requires maintenance in order to stay in good condition, especially when winter arrives. Unfortunately, many people keep their systems in the back of their minds until they break down, something that usually happens at the worst possible moment.

At Efficient Air, the foremost heating service in Riverdale, we understand the importance of annual maintenance, which is why we have created this short list of reasons for you to better understand the benefits of keeping your heating system serviced and in good working order.

1. It Saves Money in the Long Run

Keeping your heating system in top condition ensures it remains as energy efficient as possible, thus saving you money on your energy bill throughout the entire season. A system that isn’t maintained properly will start consuming more energy, sending your bill through the roof.

2. It Extends the Life of Your Heating System

Seasonal maintenance helps extend the life of your heating system because the entire set up gets cleaned, and small issues get fixed. Doing this helps ensure that your system is always in top shape and will not break down in the middle of winter.

3. It Improves the Quality of the Air You Breathe

Just as you change the filter in your air conditioning unit, so you don’t end up breathing the dust and dirt it accumulates over time, performing seasonal maintenance on your heating system also removes all the dirt that ends up stuck in it, thus bringing cleaner air into your home, preventing allergies and other breathing issues.

4. More Savings

Let’s face it, a brand new heating system doesn’t come cheap, and, in some cases, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair. Performing annual maintenance to your system may not prevent all breakdowns, but it will keep repairs on the low end of the spectrum. Prevention is the key to saving money on repairs on almost anything you can think of, and that’s exactly what preventative action on your heating system does, which also saves you money over time.

5. A Higher Degree of Comfort

Keeping your heating system in good working order and keeping a comprehensive maintenance schedule will help you achieve the most comfortable temperature as winter rages outside and will also lower any toxic emissions, such as carbon monoxide, keeping you from their unwanted effects.

Before and After Boiler Services

Hot Water Boiler Before MaintenanceHot Water Boiler After Maintenance

As you can see, there are many reasons why heating system maintenance is so important. It is because of this that at Efficient Air, we offer the most comprehensive heating service in Riverdale. So, if you are looking for a heating system service that gets the job done right each time and every time, give us a call today!