Efficient Air Service Can Help You Get the Boiler Services You Need

You rely on your boiler to help you stay warm all winter long. What happens, then, when your boiler is on the fritz? You know you need repairs quickly when your boiler isn’t working properly. And, if you’re experiencing frequent boiler breakdowns, it might even be time to consider a replacement. In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) says that upgrading your boiler system to a high efficiency system is “an effective way to save money on home heating.”

And, the DOE indicates that replacing a 56% efficiency system with a 90% efficiency system can help you save more than energy. Newer equipment can save literally tons of carbon monoxide emissions each year. That’s good for our planet! The DOE says that people living in colder climates like ours can really benefit from high-efficiency boiler systems. They say you should always look for the ENERGY STAR labe. Or, better yet, choose a boiler contractor who can help you.

At Efficient Air Service, we help you with all your boiler service needs.

For most homeowners, boilers offer quiet, clean and streamlined home heating. As a result of installing a boiler, your home will be far less dusty than it would be with forced air heat. Modern boilers infuse a gentler heat into the air, creating even temperatures. And, ENERGY STAR rated boilers circulate hot water or steam through either radiators or radiant floor systems. That offers you maximum comfort – and savings on your utility bills.

Efficient Air works hard to make sure you get the best boiler services for your home. Not only can we help you find the best, most efficient boiler for your home. We can also provide the repairs and maintenance you need. We offer energy efficient hot water and steam boilers to our customers, installed by our factory-trained technicians. Our experts are able to help with new design and installation, retrofit projects, seasonal upkeep or skilled repair service.

If maintained properly, your boiler system should last for many years. This includes the proper seasonal upkeep, as well as effective repairs as needed. We maintain your boiler by providing annual boiler services and catching small repair needs before they become expensive problems. For prompt, effective boiler service in your home, call Efficient Air Services at (973) 339-7750 or contact us online, and one of our HVAC experts will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.