Can Air Purifiers Protect from COVID-19?

Air purifiers are specifically designed to filter contaminants and pollutants out of the air passing through them. When used correctly, air purifiers can filter and reduce airborne pollutants, including viruses, from your living and working spaces.

But can a purifier protect you from COVID-19? According to the Mayo Clinic, using air purifiers and filters can help reduce your exposure to COVID-19. Air purifiers guarantee more air exchanges that allow cleaner air to come into your rooms. Essentially, the cleaner the air in your space, the lower the risk of exposure to the virus. Health experts specifically recommend that you go for higher efficiency particulate (HEPA) air purifiers that guarantee better protection.

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers are typically designed to filter the air in living and working environments. Notably, the virus cannot be expelled on its own, and for it to travel, it has to be attached to something in the environment, such as dust or a tiny piece of mucus. A HEPA purifier catches the virus and holds it there, and thus it is removed from the environment. This means that you have to change your filters regularly and as recommended by the manufacturers to keep the viruses at bay. It’s important to note that the purifier or filter doesn’t kill the virus. It exchanges the clean air more rapidly to get rid of the virus.

How can I maximize the benefits of air purifiers?

Getting the best out of your air purifier will depend on how you locate your unit. Ideally, you should place the air cleaner in spaces where you spend most of your time. You can also put it in environments where vulnerable people spend the most time. You can also reduce the risk of airborne transmission by placing the air cleaner in a manner that prevents direct blows from one person to another.

Can air purifiers be used in large buildings?

HVAC systems designed for large buildings such as schools, offices, and commercial buildings typically filter air before being distributed throughout a building.

If you are looking for exceptional protection, consider upgrading HVAC purifiers and filters appropriate for your specific building and HVAC system. However, HVAC systems in large buildings can be complex, and you may require a professional technician’s services to help upgrade your air filters and purifiers to the highest efficiency possible.

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