Allergies and Your AC System — Here’s Some Things to Know

Everyone gets excited when the weather starts warming up, and with good reason: swimming, playing outdoors, and evening cookouts are all enjoyable activities that are only possible with warmer weather. 

However, springtime is also when you should think about consulting your local AC service experts to schedule regular maintenance. Warmer weather often means that allergy sufferers will be experiencing more symptoms, but having a well-maintained HVAC system will help alleviate your allergy symptoms this season.

Here are some of the main things you should focus on:

Replace the Filter

An AC unit’s filter is the main piece of equipment that allows your HVAC system to help minimize allergy symptoms. 

Everyday life in your home often means that dust, dirt, and other debris will accumulate. The air filter in your HVAC system helps minimize the impact of allergies by removing dust and dander from the air. However, this will cause the filter to become clogged over time if it’s not regularly cleaned or replaced.

Even those who are diligent about dusting every day can end up with poor indoor air quality if they fail to replace their dirty air filter.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

In most cases, you can change the air filter on your AC system yourself. However, you should still schedule regular maintenance with a local technician if you want to ensure your indoor air quality is the best it can be.

A technician will check the air filter as part of their maintenance, but they’ll also examine other parts of your HVAC system that you cannot access. For example, mold could have taken root somewhere in your system due to condensation buildup, and even though it wouldn’t create many tangible issues upfront, it can lead to aggravated allergies at best and illnesses at worst.

Replace Your Old HVAC Unit

No one likes to hear that they should replace a significant part of their home, but the harsh reality is that sometimes investing in something new can pay off in the long run. In the case of an HVAC system, replacing an outdated system can provide you with the latest enhancements in HVAC technology and ensure your indoor air quality is the best it possibly can be. 

To find out more about how your HVAC system impacts your allergies, or get a quote for air conditioning maintenance services in Morris County, call Efficient Air Service today!