3 Common Indoor Air Pollutants Found in Homes

One of the things you may least expect is for your home to be as polluted as the air in an industrial complex, but sadly, home pollution is a common problem in many houses, especially those that haven’t upgraded their HVAC systems in a while. The problem may seem direr when you come to realize that the pollutants in your home may be even more dangerous than anything you could find outdoors. So, let’s take a look at the most common pollutants in homes across America and what can be done to prevent them.

Carbon Monoxide

Possibly one of the most dangerous home pollutants, carbon monoxide is considered an invisible killer, which is why, to prevent it, you should have your heating system inspected every year, verify that heaters and other combustion appliances have been installed the right way, and never use your gas stove as a heater. Additionally, check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors periodically.

Tobacco Smoke

Also known as secondhand smoke, this pollutant can cause a wide range of physical problems, which can go from eye irritation to cancer. The best way to help prevent your home from becoming polluted by secondhand smoke is to ban the use of tobacco products inside your house.


When there is excess moisture or humidity in your home, mold can appear. This pollutant can be an extremely dangerous health hazard as it can cause a variety of conditions that can go from mild to severe, including fever, allergies, and much more. The best way to help prevent its appearance within your house is to ensure humidity levels are low by fixing any leaks as soon as you can, opening the window of your bathroom or turning on the fan during showers, and cleaning up any spills and vents to make sure fresh air is circulating properly.

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