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Your home is your sanctuary. It has to be at the perfect temperature for you and your family to be comfortable. Your home has to be cool during summer and toasty during winter. You need a reliable HVAC system to achieve this ideal balance.

The first step to having a reliable system is knowing the right contractor. Efficient Air Service is that contractor! You can rely on our local HVAC professionals to make your home the best place to be. 

For more information on our local HVAC services in Kinnelon and Riverdale, NJ, contact us – or send us your message below to schedule an appointment with one of our locally-based, skilled technicians.

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Why Choose Efficient Air Service as Your Preferred HVAC Contractor?

There are tons of HVAC contractors in Kinnelon and surrounding areas. It can be quite a challenge to find one that suits your unique needs. Efficient Air Service is here to offer open and honest communication. Not only can you count on our high-quality service, but our technicians are also friendly and helpful. With us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You won’t be disappointed when we leave home. Our skilled technicians are respectful of your time and money. Contact us for the best HVAC services in Kinnelon and Riverdale, NJ.

New HVAC System Installation & Replacements

You can’t live without an HVAC system in New Jersey. The summers can be harsh and uncomfortable. You need an HVAC unit to make your home feel refreshing. Here at Efficient Air Service, we know that choosing an HVAC system to install is not easy. You have to pick one type of unit among many. In addition to that, you have to know the right-sized unit to get so your home can be heated and cooled adequately without using too much energy.

This is where our skilled technicians come in. They will help you weigh the options of each type of HVAC system. Some systems, like a mini-split and heat pump, can heat and cool your home. That is why it is important to discuss your HVAC installation with a professional. They will assess your needs and come up with a suitable solution for you.

We install most major HVAC system brands, including, but not limited to Carrier. If you are concerned about how this may impact your budget, we can offer to finance your new HVAC installation.

What Does HVAC Stand For?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It makes up a system that will control the temperature and indoor air quality of your home.

What’s the Difference Between an HVAC System and a Furnace?

The main difference between an HVAC system and a furnace is the ventilation aspect. An HVAC system uses three different parts to regulate your temperature. It does this by absorbing hot air from your home and sending it outside while drawing clean air and cooling it so it can be released into your home. A thermostat signals your HVAC coils when a temperature change is detected.

A furnace heats gas or oil and then sends the hot air through your ductwork to your home. It also uses a thermostat to detect a change in the required temperature of your home.

Just Need Air Conditioning?

It’s no secret that summers in New Jersey can get hot and muggy. As such, dealing with a malfunctioning or otherwise less-than-optimal system just won’t cut it. This is where our HVAC company steps in! We offer a wide range of services that include everything from performing routine maintenance on your AC unit to consulting you about a brand-new system.

Not only is our staff certified and factory-trained, but they are also big on delivering convenience and affordability — rendering late, unreliable service a thing of the past! We’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule, arrive on time, and leave your property even better than we found it.

Heating Systems & Services – We’ve Got You

Just as air conditioning is crucial during the warmer months, a dependable heating system is imperative during the colder ones. Our HVAC contractors have been trained to service all sorts of makes and models of heating systems, including gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, generators, water heaters, and more! Whatever method you and your family use to stay warm, our HVAC company has (and serviced) it all! Reach out to us today to speak with a member of our team for anything from routine maintenance scheduling to emergency heating repairs.

Is It Time for A Replacement?

Have you had your current HVAC system for over a decade? It may be time to switch to a new and improved model. We understand that it is hard to let go of your HVAC system. After all, it has gotten you through many frigid winters and scorching summers. However, there are so many benefits to installing a new HVAC unit. Not only will you have better heating and cooling, but you will also experience lower utility bills and improved indoor air quality. Contact us for your HVAC replacement. 

Tune-Up Services

If you want to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, you should keep up with your regular HVAC tune-ups. This is a service that should be done once or twice a year to ensure that your unit is always in tip-top shape. During a tune-up, our HVAC professionals will clean your system and inspect all the components. Most homeowners feel that it’s only necessary to call for HVAC services when something goes wrong, but you can prevent most of your HVAC issues with regular HVAC tune-ups.

Routine Maintenance

Would you like some assistance with keeping up with your HVAC maintenance? We have three comprehensive maintenance plans to suit various needs. You can choose from our Basic, Gold, or Platinum maintenance plans. Speak to us if you would like more information on our unbeatable HVAC maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Services

Our HVAC services go beyond residential as we partner with businesses and organizations in the area, as well! Our technicians are up-to-date on industry protocols and outfitted with leading technology. Our expertise and resources allow us to tackle every job with informed services and stellar professionalism.

We understand that your time is valuable. When it comes to your business, you can’t afford to shut down due to the disruptions of lesser HVAC contractors. Efficient Air is steadfast in providing punctual technicians, quick turnaround, and streamlined project management to get the job done in a timely manner.

Residential Indoor Air Quality

Having full control over your temperature is a primary contributor to indoor comfort, but clean, healthy air is crucial in delivering some much-needed peace of mind. To ensure that you have outstanding indoor air quality, our HVAC company can identify any specific problems you may be concerned about, as well as address issues you might not have been aware of. We use sophisticated solutions to combat undesirable substances that compromise your family’s health, such as mold, bacteria, allergens, and more.

Duct Cleaning

Have you been experiencing allergy symptoms lately? It may be due to dirty ducts. When your ducts clog up with mold and dust, it impacts your indoor air quality. Efficient Air Service can fix this with our duct cleaning services.

Air Quality Testing

Not sure if your indoor air quality is all that healthy? We can test it and offer a suitable solution to improve it. 


If your home is too humid, it can cause respiratory issues. We can install a dehumidifier to help control the humidity levels in your home. Efficient Air Service cares about your health.

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