Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation in Riverdale, NJ

Is a broken water heater preventing you from doing dishes and taking hot showers? Are you looking for a more reliable and efficient system? No matter what your gas or electric water heater installation needs are in Riverdale, NJ, the Efficient Air Service team can meet them.

With our decades of plumbing industry experience, we can properly install and replace any brand or type of water heater. We also offer convenient maintenance services to help property owners keep their systems in top condition throughout the year. 

Don’t settle for lukewarm showers and washing dishes in cold water! Call us now at (973) 363-9180 or fill out or online form to schedule your water heater installation appointment.

Let Us Help You Find the Best New Water Heater for Your Home

There are several options when installing a water heater in a Riverdale home. We install various tank-style and tankless water heaters, and we are here to help every property owner find the right water heater. A tankless water heater offers benefits such as:

  • Energy efficiency: A tankless water heater installation is a great choice for small households and applications where energy efficiency is a priority.
  • Durability: Tankless water heaters require little maintenance and there’s no tank buildup to worry about.
  • An unlimited supply of hot water: With a tankless water heater, you won’t be limited by a tank’s capacity.
  • More space: Tankless water heaters are compact enough to mount almost anywhere in a home.

While a tankless water heater installation offers several benefits, conventional units are still a fine choice for many homeowners. A conventional water heater provides the following advantages.

  • Low upfront cost: A conventional water heater is less expensive than a tankless installation.
  • Lower power requirements: Tank-style water heaters use less power than tankless units. They can even run on solar power.

Allow our installers to help you choose the best type of water heater for your home, hot water needs, and budget. Call or click to schedule a water heater installation in Riverdale, NJ.

Is it Time for a New Water Heater?

Like every other system in your home, water heaters have a finite lifespan. Before scheduling gas or electric water heater installation, look for signs like:

  • Insufficient hot water supply: If there’s never enough hot water, it may be time to upgrade to a high-capacity unit.
  • High utility bills: If your power bill keeps going up, but there’s been no change in usage, an old and inefficient water heater may be to blame.
  • Rusty water: When hot water comes out rusty and discolored, and an anode rod replacement doesn’t help, replacement is the only option.
  • Foul odors: Stinky water is another sign that it is time for a new water heater. Most issues are due to mineral buildup or tank corrosion, and system replacement is the only way to resolve them.
  • Strange sounds: Not all sounds are a cause for concern, but some are problematic. Popping and snapping noises indicate mineral buildup while grinding and rumbling noises usually show the need for a water heater upgrade.
  • Leaks: While leaky lines can be patched or replaced, a leaky tank is a sign that it is time for water heater installation.

When Riverdale’s homeowners need the area’s fastest and most reliable water heater replacement services, they rely on us. Get in touch with us online or call to book an appointment for hot water heater installation.

We Specialize in Water Heater Installation in Riverdale, NJ

Efficient Air Service is bonded, licensed, and insured, and our electric and gas water heater installation technicians are background checked for your safety. If permits are required – which is true in most cases – we’ll get them and help you arrange an inspection.

Why do we need permits for water heater installation? The answer is a short one: safety. Water damage accounts for more than 10% of homeowner’s insurance claims, and most damage is preventable. If a water heater is installed illegally and your home is damaged, your insurer will deny the claim. 

Most water heaters fail within the first 12 years, and working with a licensed water heater installer is the best way to protect your home. Contact our team to learn more about hot water heater installation and its benefits.

We’re Here to Help When You Need Us

Water heaters don’t fail at convenient times, and planning for these expenses can be difficult. At Efficient Air Service, we know that time is money. We acknowledge that fact by arriving promptly and getting the job done efficiently. 

Contact us online or call (973) 363-9180 for a free estimate on electric or gas water heater installation in Riverdale and get your hot water flowing again.