Professional, Local Generator System Installation & Repair Near Riverdale, NJ

A sudden power failure doesn’t need to throw your daily life off course.  Efficient Air Service protects you from damage to property and possessions, safety hazards, discomfort, and disruption to your routine.  Rely on our licensed professionals to match your specific needs to a perfectly sized and installed standby generator.

Whether you’re without power for a few hours or several days, you’ll never be forced to abandon your house and pay for a hotel stay or live without essential appliances and conveniences.  A backup generator provides instant and safe transition of power and continues operation for as long as necessary.  Sump pumps, heating, and cooling systems, computers, lights, water heaters, and refrigerators remain operational.

Power the entire house, or target specific needs.  Our knowledgeable technicians customize solutions to satisfy your goals, offering skilled installation, and ensuring years of reliability, with minimal maintenance.

Stay Safe With a Top-Quality Generator

Efficient Air Service features Generac and Honeywell Generators, offering a complete selection of the most recognized and popular products on the market.

For any size or style of home, these systems supply safe and sufficient power directly to your home’s electrical system, for as long as needed. You don’t even need to be on the premises to initiate operation.

Our qualified technicians complete installation quickly and proficiently, complying with all applicable safety and building codes.

We optimize and maintain ongoing performance through regular inspection and service.  Don’t let severe weather in Riverdale, NJ catch you unprepared.

Contact us at Efficient Air Service for further information and prompt service throughout Riverdale and surrounding areas.